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Our company is the only consolidating Event-agency working with and for pregnant women in Russia. We have the largest base of the target group data — pregnant women. For 6 years we have been creating and conducting monthly offline-events in Moscow and St Petersburg.
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Pregnant women Club is a unique event which is conducted on monthly basis in Moscow and St Petersburg. There are no comparable events of this status, scale and periodicity in Russia. More that 850 pregnant women gather within our platform.

MYBABYKO is a all-Russian selling exhibition of products for pregnant women and newborns. It is the only B2C event in Russia for suppliers and producers of products and services for pregnant women and newborn care products. There are no analogues in terms of status, scale and frequency in Russia.

Within 6 years we have observed the change of 3 generations of young women noticing the following trends:

-brand recognition reduction

-weakening interest in innovation and modern developments

In January 2022 we are launching our “Special Offer” Program. It is created on the basis of the Pregnant Women Club, Moscow and St Petersburg. It is aimed at the bilateral communication with your target audience and monetization of your business processes.

Our values
  • Focus

    Pregnant women, pregnant women and only pregnant women. We are the first in Russia who focuses all our attention on collaboration (work) with pregnant women targeting selfless care in favor of our karma.

  • Care

    No pregnant woman should feel herself lonely. Every pregnant woman should communicate with other women like her and not only when staying in a queue to a doctor or just chatting in social networks and etc., but in a format of direct communication participating in a celebration event that we create for her every month.

  • Renovation and dynamics

    Pregnancy period is not permanent. So our audience is refreshing. We should show our care of new participants through high speed self development and quality. This include new projects’ development and locations’ renewal, expanding new horizons of our directions and further development in new cities.

  • Consolidation

    We have not only created the Pregnant Women Club for women, we have also created it for our partners.

    It is prestigious to become a partner of our event.

    Therefore it is needed to deliver something more than just being a company selling goods and services. We offer education, life communication, care and attention.


Club-Mama company doesn’t encourage you to become a participant right now, we invite you to become our guest and visit our events!

General Manager Alexander Tarasov

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+7 (915) 300-54-99 - Rimma Maranina
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