Within 6 years we have observed the change of 3 generations of young women noticing the following trends:
-brand recognition reduction
-weakening interest in innovation and modern developments

Marketing Research

This year we have realized that we have capabilities to identify current consumer interests in certain brands and products and conduct marketing researches on our platforms.

We have the largest data base and have capabilities to conduct researches on brand awareness among pregnant women and young parents.

On monthly basis within our events we conduct researches of your promotion program efficiency in format of selection, group survey, degustation and questionnaire. 4 500 female participants have already answered questions on your brand awareness level.

Recognition of pregnant women 2021

During year 2021 eleven companies, which represent brands for pregnant women and newborns, have not only been the participants of Pregnant Women Club, but they have also become its organizers. These companies took active part in events both in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Pregnant Women Club expresses its sincere gratitude to the management of each company for their sensitivity, attention and care shown when participating and organizing the Club Events.
Thank you for being with us!

Top 5 brands – Brand Awareness Level

Research Results
Brand Recognition Research through Voting was conducted during the Club Events in Moscow and St. Petersburg among 47 baby stroller brands.
The voting included the following stages:
-Brands were shown on a screen
-A moderator announced brands’ names
-Upon recognition women raised their hands showing awareness thereof and so they marked strollers they were familiar with.
Researches conducted by our team at our events are based only on real data, not fake. We take all data collection and its analysis seriously.

Survey among 2 087 pregnant women

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